SENSUS Body Therapy and Education  

Sensus is intended....

SENSUS is intended as a series of encounters with the various and beautiful forms of the human being.

What is Sensus?

Sensus is a gentle system of hands-on body therapy which works to restore natural balance, alignment, and well-being.  Sensus views the body wholistically understanding that the body does not randomly present symptoms, contractions, or inhibitions.  Sensus works with the body’s inherent capacity to self-correct via the proprioceptive nervous system, our internal feedback system, to release acute and chronic pain.  Sensus will increase your ability to feel and create comfort and ease in your body and movement.  Clients will enjoy increased range of motion, greater coordination and fluidity in movement, and up to fifty percent increase in speed and strength.


What do we do in a Sensus session? 


Regardless of age or physical condition, everyone can benefit from Sensus.  No special equipment or clothing is required.  Sensus is given on a massage table and participants are fully clothed.


The basic approach of Sensus is to SLOWLY and PASSIVELY move the body into postures that are comfortable.  The participant focuses into their body and observes and senses their own gentle process of self-regulation, balance, and homeostasis.  Tense muscles, tendons, and ligaments relax, stress and emotional tension are released, and natural structural alignment is restored….EFFORTLESSLY


Whether you have reached a plateau in your workout, recovering from an injury, or seeking greater body awareness, SENSUS offers a unique engagement with the Self.


What make Sensus unique from other
forms of hands on body therapy ?

Sensus works along with specific cues and feedback via the central nervous system of the individual participant.  Sensus practitioners will always move toward places and spaces that are comfortable for the client.  Sensus utilizes innovative techniques of sensing and focusing to awaken sub-conscious or unconscious patterns of ineffective function, thereby, encouraging spontaneous self-correction and balance.

How long will it take for me to experience results?

Sensus is process oriented work, so typically, it may take a few sessions for clients to realize results.  Sensus work is also cumulative, the mindbody is “re-educated”, so that habitual patterns of movement and/or holding are affected.  Ideally, we would like a gentle and natural process of integration to occur in order to assure that the changes achieved in session will remain in place.  We also are striving to achieve a new way to engage in your own processes.  We do not simply want to make a symptom disappear, we are not applying band-aids…we are looking to the underlying pattern of imbalance and/or dysfunction and noticing how best to stimulate self-correction. 

Having said all that, often a client will experience significant and long-lasting change and relief from pain or stress in the first session!   


  Schedule 3 sessions – if the client does not experience some sort of significant change, shift, or resonance with Sensus after three sessions, perhaps this is not the best process for the client at this time.  Sensus practitioners can refer the client to another professional.

Can I work out after a session?

There is no hard-fast rule, however, we generally ask clients NOT to do an aggressive workout for at least 24 hours.

Sensus stimulates the body’s inherent self-balancing and self-correcting mechanisms.  This is achieved through a relatively gentle and passive process.  There is also the timing factor…we are slowing down…and allowing the body to engage and respond spontaneously and naturally…in it’s own timing.  Generally, when we work out, we are pushing our body’s limits to achieve a specific goal and with a specific intention in mind.  This often requires our mindbody to OVERRIDE it’s own reflexive and instinctual cues to STOP.  This ability, though wonderful and useful at times, is not what we want while in a healing and restorative phase of the sort that Sensus engages.

After 3 days of rest or gentle movement and exercise, one may go back to a full-on workout if one is free of pain or restriction.

If the client continues to experience restriction in range of motion, discomfort, or other concerns, it is always best to modify exercise and workout routines.  Your Sensus practitioner will be happy to recommend appropriate changes and modifications.

What if I experience discomfort after the session?

  Allow 3 days for integration – sometimes, clients do not experience shift or change immediately or while in session.  Sometimes, the client may experience shift a few minutes, a few hours, or even a few days AFTER the session.  In addition, sometimes clients may experience some discomfort or tenderness following the session.  THIS IS A NORMAL RESPONSE when chronic patterns of tension and tightness are released.  We ask clients to relax, apply a natural muscle balm, take Epsom salt baths, and drink plenty of water.  Wait for three days.  The discomfort should resolve and the client will experience relief and improvement in symptoms, imbalances will align, and a sense of well-being will be noticed.

***If the discomfort escalates at any time within the three day waiting period, please call immediately.  There is usually something we can do to mediate and correct the issue!

Why choose Sensus?

Sensus understands and works WITH the body’s natural intelligence and wisdom.


Sensus IS A UNIQUE SYSTEM OF EDUCATION.  Clients not only experience relief of symptoms and relaxation, they actually learn about themselves.  Clients will notice patterns and limitations of movement, and will discover how to motivate the mindbody to change and move toward better choices and more options. 

Clients will discover the JOY and EMPOWERMENT of learning to TRUST and REST in their own processes, knowing that each and every cell is encoded with a precise recipe for the survival and thriving of YOU!